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Main Line School of Dance in Broomall

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Main Line School of Dance in Broomall

The study of dance is a wonderful pursuit for children and students of all ages. It teaches balance, coordination, and assists with building confidence and body awareness. The dance program at Main Line School of Dance offers half-hour creative movement dance classes starting at age three and hour-long ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop dance classes for ages six to adult. The Main Line School of Dance is widely recognized in the Main Line and Delaware County areas for its unique program that features small class sizes and a low pressure, family-oriented environment where students learn while having fun. The dance school offers performance opportunities and a fully staffed front desk to assist you with all your needs.

Small Class Sizes

Small dance class size is a signature of the dance school and part of the reason many students come back year after year. Smaller dance class sizes allows the teacher to give extra attention to each student and for the entire class to build a closer relationship together, which assists in building confidence and making friends. For the younger students, small dance class sizes allow the teacher to assert more control over the classroom and make sure every student understands the concepts and instructions and that no fundamental concepts are being missed. This will ensure they do not develop bad habits or improper techniques.


Main Line Dance School recitals are a one of a kind opportunity for students of all ages to perform in full costume on a professional stage with professional sound and lighting. It is an amazing experience for students, and the dance teachers choreograph special pieces for each of their classes. The recitals are optional, so you do not have to participate if you choose not to, and all classes are invited to perform. Costumes and tickets are affordable, and all costumes are altered free of charge. Parents are not expected to do any fundraising. The recitals are an opportunity for students of the dance school to show off the skills they have learned during the year, meet other students and teachers from the dance school and gain valuable stage experience that will build their self confidence in the years to come. By dividing our recitals into smaller sets, we make the shows a comfortable length for family members.


Main Line Dance School prides itself on its professional, highly qualified teaching staff. Our instructors have college degrees from accredited universities as well as experience teaching and performing many different styles and levels of dance from ballet to jazz and tap to hip hop. Additionally, for our younger students, they have warm, inviting personalities, are very patient and have experience working with children. They are youthful and fun and engage the students with compelling music. We also incorporate fun costumes and props. Dance teachers at Main Line Dance School also choreograph highly creative pieces for the recitals. For the young children they also come up with creative activities to keep the students learning and to build their confidence and coordination.


Dance is a very physical activity with a lot of jumping, which can potentially be damaging to the joints. The Main Line dance studios feature a professional “floating” dance floor that rests on high-density foam to absorb the shock of any jumping to keep pressure off of the knees and joints. The top layer of the dance studio floor is a vinyl composite “Marley” floor, imported from England. This allows our dancers the ability toslide easier without slipping. This type of dance studio floor ensures that dancers can dance for longer periods without injury or fatigue. Dance studios at both locations offer closed-circuit televisions so that parents can view the classes from the waiting room. There are waiting rooms stocked with magazines and children’s activities.


With two locations in Springfield (Delaware County) and Broomall (on the Main Line), the dance school is accessible to a large area and convenient to many locations. The creative movement and beginning ballet classes are set up back to back to accommodate siblings of different ages, and the school is also a music school focusing on private music lessons. This gives families the opportunity to enroll siblings in simultaneous or back to back music and dance classes. The helpful and courteous front desk staff assists with scheduling classes in a way that will make it the most convenient for you. The after school and Saturday hours are perfect for children in school and working parents.


Viewing days are offered a few times a year where friends and family are invited into the dance studio to view the class directly in the dance studio and have the opportunity to experience first-hand what the dance class is working on. The special “bring a friend” day is also offered a few times during the season, where up to 2 friends are invited to participate in the dance classes. Teachers write summaries every few months to keep parents up to date on what their classes are working on, which are sent out via mail and email, and in the spring each student receives a personalized progress report that includes recommendations for dance classes in upcoming sessions. There is a special summer session that allows students to choose how many classes they plan to attend, making it easier to plan vacations while still attending the dance school over the summer.

Front Desk

A drawback of many dance studios is that the dance teacher also is responsible for assisting with tuition and other administrative duties, which cuts into the class time and focus of the teacher. Main Line School of Dance has a full time administrative customer service staff available all day and during all dance classes by phone or in person to assist you. This frees up the dance teachers to focus on teaching the dance class and running a curriculum. The administrative staff prides themselves on going above and beyond and doing whatever it takes to keep our students and parents happy.