Piano Tuning


Whether you’re an aspiring musician, or an average person looking to seek enjoyment from music, being the owner of a piano takes work. Let the trained professionals at Main Line do this work for you, keeping the health of your piano where it needs to be in order to deliver the highest results. Make the music coming from your home the greatest it can be by getting your piano tuned by Main Line School of Music.

What Is Piano Tuning?


“Piano tuning is the act of making minute adjustments to the tensions of the strings of an acoustic piano to properly align the intervals between their tones so that the instrument is in tune.” Each and every individual piano will be different in pitch, but they are generally tuned to a fixed pitch, called A440. By having each note at the perfect pitch, the musician will be hearing the correct pitches, therefore increasing their abilities to recognize notes aurally (by ear).


Why Get My Piano Tuned?

Because the piano is made of wood, and other delicate materials, it will be greatly affected by climate changes. Affected pitch, tone, and key response will all be negative results. By placing your piano in a room that is lacking sunlight, air conditioning, heating, and humidity, the outcome will begin to improve. But, the only way to fix your piano once it is damaged is to get it tuned, and keep up on this maintenance. You will be much more satisfied at the music that your piano is able to produce, as you get it tuned correctly, twice per year.

Three Reasons Why Main Line Music Is The Best Choice For You

  1. We only use the best tools available on your piano so your piano is tuned perfectly.
  2. Our technicians have superlative knowledge on the inner workings of your piano.
  3. We are reasonably priced.


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