Main Line School Voted Best Music and Dance Studio

by the Main Line Times and News of Delaware County

Here is what our students and parents are saying…

We have decades of experience, in both the music and dance schools, at Main Line; 2 kids, 3 musical instruments. I am not sure there is a family at the school who has logged more hours at the Ardmore location. The instructors are of outstanding quality; certainly regional, and some with national and international credentials. What is nice is that most instructors have been teaching at Main Line for years; they ‘get it’; the kids have achieved success at Main Line that permeates their non-music/dance lives. The Main Line administration is accommodating and reasonable.  Challenges always emerge, and we have been uniformly satisfied with mutually agreed upon results. Main Line has figured out the recipe to have music/dance education a natural fit into everyone’s lives. Main Line is as good as it gets.

-Parents of Andrew and Maeve

My daughter has been lucky enough to take ballet at Main Line School of Music and Dance for the past 4 years. We happened upon Main Line when we moved into the area about 6 years ago and saw the school was very close to our home. Soon after, we were looking for an activity for our daughter that would give her both a physical release as well as help to build her self-confidence. After trying a couple of ballet classes at Main Line, my daughter was very enthused to continue. I was delighted she had found something she so enjoyed and she has been with the same ballet teacher at Main Line ever since. I am confident with the ability her teacher has to encourage, in a very nurturing way, the progress of a small group of children, while giving the necessary attention to each individual child. I am also confident that my daughter is learning while having fun which is part of Main Line School’s motto. Main Line School offers small class sizes allowing each child participating to have full attention from the teacher. This, I believe also helps to foster a communication between students which may be both spoken and unspoken. When the classes perform during the annual recital this often translates well from the stage. It is clear to me that Main Line School is dedicated to the happiness and progress of each childs that walks through the door. The atmosphere represents a happy co-mingling of co-operation, fun and learning. From the accommodating office staff to the dedicated and caring teachers, you are immediately aware that Main Line is a school where students and their families come first. Happily my daughter has found a comfortable place to grow outside of home and traditional school. I would gladly recommend Main Line School of Music and Dance to anyone interested in the performing arts.

-Jill Tuft

Our music teacher at Main Line has been a teacher, friend, and mentor to my boys for several years. He has demonstrated in many ways his exceptional aptitude in music. This talent allowed my children not only to learn how to play a musical instrument, but to love and appreciate the joy that having such knowledge could bring. Being a teacher myself, I can recognize and admire when a teacher “connects” with his students. This school hires teachers that clearly communicate this. Throughout the years, the school has had a tremendous impact on my boys. They have grown to become fully rounded young men. My older son is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania and younger is a junior at St. Joe’s Prep. Each plays the piano and guitar respectively. When they play together, they make a beautiful duo, which fills our home with music. I am grateful to the Main Line School because they have touched our lives in such a special way. I highly recommend the expert staff of Main Line Music and  Dance for your child. You will not be disappointed.

-Mrs. Paula Bonavitacola, B.S., M.S. (Teacher at St. John Neumann)

At the ripe old age of 29, I decided to return to school. Considering my profession, a health and physical education teacher in Radnor School District, that may not sound too unusual- except that the school was the Main Line Music School. I did participate in my Junior High music program fifteen years ago, but since that time my musical training has been singing solos in my car. Since starting voice lessons with the Main Line Music School, I have learned a great deal about breathing techniques and voice in general. I choose music which I enjoy singing, therefore making practicing something I look forward to. I have even had the opportunity to sing in public, which boosted my confidence and inspired me to continue my weekly lessons. I would recommend the Main Line Music School to anyone interested in pursuing music at any age!

-Debbie Keyser, B.S.
(Physical Education Teacher-Ithan Elementary School)

I studied guitar at the Main Line Music School for two years. Their approach to guitar instruction was always fun, interesting, and challenging, but never intimidating. The teachers have a gift with integrating technical and theoretical study with playing and performing musical styles that are of interest to the student. Their tremendous ability to listen to a recorded song and figure it out on guitar within minutes always amazed me! Plus, it allowed me to always work on music I liked and could therefore challenge myself to learn it. My teachers were always professional and their easy-going manner provided a relaxed atmosphere for learning. I have recommended Main Line Music School to several people (at various musical abilities) for guitar instruction, as well as instruction in other instruments, who have all been very satisfied with the school as well.

-Diane Duffy Hankee, Music Director of Merion Mercy Academy
Merion, PA

Both of our children have attended Main Line, and we couldn’t be happier with the caliber of the staff or teachers.

-Dave Gallo

My sister takes dance lessons here and she absolutely loves it. The teachers are both patient and passionate, and get the kids excited about what they are learning and the entire experience. She’s really started to come out of her shell since taking dance here. I’d highly recommend this school for anyone looking to get their kids involved with dance or music!

-Lauren Zumpano

I send my daughter to Main Line Music and Dance for voice lessons and she loves it. Once a week, the instructor is very friendly and sweet, patient with her and lets her pick the songs she would like to learn. She is a great instructor and seems like she would give great piano lessons as well. I recommend Main Line to all of my friends children.

-Maggie K.

I send my daughters here for dance and they love every second of it. Highly recommended.

-Satisfied parent of Main Line School.

Our older daughter had a really wonderful experience dancing at this school. She became a confident and beautiful dancer under their instruction.The staff is also very friendly and the prices are very reasonable. Their recitals are the most impressive and well-done events we’ve seen, especially given that they are a small, local school.We are now signing up our younger daughter for piano lessons and they have been very accommodating with scheduling. You can’t go wrong here.

-Jennifer H.

My daughter has been taking classes at Main Line School for almost 4 years now. She started with ballet and voice and has also taken tap and acting classes as well. Our experience has been nothing short of wonderful. The office staff and owners are so accommodating, welcoming and friendly. You can tell they are primarily concerned with the happiness and well-being of their students. The teachers are also wonderful. They are true professionals who are dedicated to making a family’s experience one of fun and success. The nurturing environment at Main Line has helped to encourage my daughter to challenge herself and build her self-confidence. We plan to stay with Main Line for many years to come!I am really impressed with the level of attention the instructors give the kids. Couldn’t be happier with the results. My kids love it here.

-Bill K.