Why Choose Us?

A girl wearing a karate uniformWe are a caring community of karate teachers and students shaping lives through high-quality martial arts instruction.

At the Main Line School of Karate in Ardmore we are more than just a place to work out and learn how to kick and punch. We are an entire community of passionate instructors, elite athletes and awesome kids who train and study together. We support one another in all areas of life, and we are glad you have found us!

We are built upon the traditional principles of the Korean karate style of Tang Soo Do.

So, why choose the Main Line Karate School?

Balanced approach to mental and physical conditioning
Professional, energetic and fun instructors
High-quality instruction for all ages and levels
Self-defense classes
Anti-bullying techniques
Advanced training for martial arts professionals
Top-notch fitness equipment
Clean, safe, modern facility
16+ years of success!

Karate, Kickboxing, Fitness and more!

While we are founded on the positive principles of Tang Soo Do Karate, we offer a variety of classes and programs for kids and adults ranging from 3 – 60+, including:

Little Dragons
Kid’s Karate
Karate Birthday Parties
Adult Martial Arts
Black Belt / Masters Club
Private Lessons

And, no matter the class or program, we push all of our students to develop an important set of important life skills, such as self-discipline, self-confidence, respect, humility and an overall balance of mind and body.