About Makin’ Music

How can you give children a love of music that will grow along with them?

Fun with Makin' Music

The answer is Makin’ Music Rockin’ Rhythms, the music and movement enrichment program that has won rave reviews from critics, parents, teachers, and kids alike. Young listeners are immediately engaged by the music and are carried from song to song by infectious rhythms and energetic production.

Learning Experience: No matter what the child’s age, the exciting, rewarding experience of Makin’ Music creates natural stepping stones to formal music education and facilitates the transition to more advanced concepts.

Our Music: All of the songs on our Makin’ Music Rockin’ Rhythms CDs are lovingly written, adapted, and produced, to introduce and reinforce many of your child’s important developmental milestones.

Every song is interactive: Makin’ Music classes include action songs, lullabies, play-alongs, seasonal songs and chants. This encourages maximum class participation by using movement, finger-plays, group chants, percussion instruments and other musical props. The blend of traditional, original and world music and a talented array of featured vocalists makes for a joyful musical ride that children will want to jump right back on when the recording ends.