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Main Line School of Music and Dance-Preschool Dance Classes in Ardmore

If you are looking for fun, educational, and inspiring preschool dance classes from top-notch teachers in Ardmore, you don’t have to look any further. Creative Movement Classes in Narberth 19072Since 1988, the Main Line School of Music and Dance has helped thousands of students of all ages and levels learn the skills that they need to enjoy music and dance for a lifetime. At our studio you will enjoy a creative movement program that includes all of the technique, terminology, music and FUN that you can imagine! You will learn in a nurturing, low-pressure environment in a small class size. We enroll a maximum of ten students for each preschool class and a maximum of twelve students for all other classes so you receive personal attention in your class. When you dance at the Main Line School you will be dancing on a professional, state of the art, floating Marley floor which is considered to be the best and safest floor in the world. We make it easy for you to view the dance classes because you can conveniently watch from the waiting room with our closed circuit system and flat screen T.V. We also offer you optional recitals each year and costumes are always altered free of charge.

Creative Movement 1 in Ardmore (Ages 3-4½)

The Creative Movement 1 class is the starting point for preschool children of ages 3-4½. Our creative movement prescCreative Movement Classes in Havertown 19083hool classes are filled with little girls wearing adorable ballerina costumes and tiaras. At the yearly recitals the auditorium is packed with admiring parents and grandparents all wielding cameras, video recorders, and flowers for their little dancers. These little ones definitely get the most attention and applause at recitals. Classes are a half-hour in length and focus on the basics of dance while acclimating kids to the structure of a class. This includes listening to the music, being able to turn into a movement, body awareness (where are my feet and how can they move) and differences in movements (like a butterfly, like an elephant, like a scarf in the wind, like a rock in the ocean). Our teachers keep the classes well organized and teach techniques and terms that students will be able to apply to a future pursuit of ballet or other styles of dance. Of course it also means having fun and making new friends in the class. The vocabulary covered in Creative Movement 1 are all steps that a three or four year old can easily master.

Creative Movement 2 in Ardmore (Ages 4 ½ – 6)

The Creative Movement 2 classes are also a half-hour in length. Besides the “fun” factor, we focus on pre-ballet techniquesCreative Movement Classes in Bryn Mawr 19010, creativity, and expression in movement, while helping each student gain an affinity and a love for dance.  By the end of the year you will be able to dance independently of the teacher, memorize simple sequences, and move across the floor as a unit. You will also do more energetic, less controlled activities such as skipping and galloping and creative activities such as freeze dance and movement visualizations. Many times we use props such as scarves or flags and students receive small prizes and stickers. Most importantly, you will have a wonderful time in class, make friends and develop a positive impression of the study of dance that will stay with you for a lifetime. These concepts will prepare you for the following year when you graduate to ballet, jazz, tap or hip-hop.

Creative Movement 2+ in Ardmore (Ages 4 ½ – 6)

Creative Movement 2+ is the best of both worlds for our preschool dancers. These classes have all the activities of the Creative Movement Classes in Lower Merion 19066Creative Movement 2 class plus an additional fifteen minutes added on to the class. Each month, a different dance style is featured. Since the regular Creative Movement 2 class focuses on ballet, the extra fifteen minutes added to each class provides the teacher with time to introduce tap, jazz and hip-hop into the curriculum. We find that this is very helpful when it comes time for you to go into the six year old classes. Having some exposure to these different styles of dance will help facilitate your choice of classes. Some of the movements and vocabulary that you will learn in our creative movement dance classes include ballet positions of the arms and legs such as first and second position, relevé, tendu, chassé, port de bras, grandejeté, arabesque, piqué, bourrée and battement.

     Watch the video below to see our dancers perform!

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Ardmore Location (610-658-5284)

692 Pont Reading Road
Ardmore, PA 19003
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This location is in Ardmore, but is also convenient to Bala Cynwyd, Broomall, Bryn Mawr, Gladwyne, Havertown, Lower Merion, Narberth (Penn Valley) and Wynnewood.

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353 Baltimore Pike (2nd floor)
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This location is in Springfield, but it is also convenient to
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