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Creative Movement Classes

These classes are the beginning dance classes for preschool aged children from age 3-6. In the Main Line Dance School,these classes run for a half-hour and are separated into Creative Movement 1 for ages 3-4 ½ and Creative Movement 2 to that starts at age 4 ½  up until age 6. At age 6, students can choose to move into the hour dance classes such as ballet, jazz, tap or hip hop. Parents rave about Main Line’s creative movement program and dance classes. The teachers keep the classes and dance studio well organized and teach techniques and terms that students will be able to apply to a future pursuit of ballet or other types of dance classes. The students will do exercises meant to build creativity and increase body awareness. Besides the “fun” element, students are taught real fundamentals of dance. They will learn how to stretch before they dance in order to stay limber while dancing. They will learn to move together and move across the floor. Some of the movements and vocabulary that students will learn in a creative movement dance class at the Main Line dance studio include ballet positions of the arms and legs such as first and second position, relevé,  tendu, chassé, port de bras, grandejeté, arabesque, piqué, bourrée and battement. They will also do more energetic, less controlled activities such as skipping and galloping and creative activities such as freeze dance and movement visualizations. They may use props such as scarves or flags and receive small prizes like stickers. Most importantly, they will have a wonderful time in class, make friends and develop a positive impression of the study of dance that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Creative Movement 1 (Ages 3-5)

Creative Movement 1 is an introduction to dance. The primary goal is to foster a love of movement. The creative component is quite large and several fun or special activities happen in each class. For example, a scarf or flag dance at the end can facilitate the dancer’s own physical expression. Taking part in dancing out a narrative helps our students to understand that dancing is about expression. It is a means of communicating feelings and actions. Of course it also means having fun and making new friends in the class. The vocabulary covered in Creative Movement 1 are all steps which a 3 year old can master and helps them build self-confidence. The vernacular is also set up to prepare the students for Creative Movement 2.

Creative Movement 2 (Ages 4 ½  – 5 ½)

 Creative Movement 2 covers a basis of movement found in all dance forms. The goals included in Creative Movement 2 are to foster creativity, freedom and expression in movement and to help the students gain an affinity and a love for dance. The class includes concepts that are found in an older child’s dance class. The concepts will prepare the students for the following year when they graduate to Ballet, Jazz or Tap. By the end of the year the students will be able to dance independently of the teacher and memorize simple exercises and sequences.

Here are just some of the movements our students will learn in the creative movement classes during a year at the Main Line School of Music and Dance:

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