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Main Line School of Music and Dance-Wynnewood Hip-Hop Classes

If you are looking for fun, educational, and inspiring hip-hop classes in Wynnewood from top-notch teachers, you don’t have to look any further. Since Hip Hop Classes in Bryn Mawr 190101988, the Main Line School of Music and Dance has helped thousands of students of all ages and levels learn the skills that they need to enjoy music and dance for a lifetime. At the Main Line Dance Studio you will enjoy a comprehensive hip-hop program that includes all of the technique, terminology, music and FUN that you can imagine! You will learn in a nurturing, low-pressure environment in a small class size. We enroll a maximum of ten students for each preschool class and a maximum of twelve students for all other classes so you receive personal attention in your class. When you dance at the Main Line School you will be dancing on a professional, state of the art, floating Marley floor which is considered to be the best and safest floor in the world. We make it easy for you to view the dance classes because you can conveniently watch from the waiting room with our closed circuit system and flat screen T.V. We also offer you optional recitals each year and costumes are always altered free of charge.

Wynnewood Hip-Hop Program

At the Main Line Music and Dance studios in Ardmore and Springfield, our hip-hop teachers have a background in the “street” hip- hop style and the studio version. Our hip-hop dance classes are very high energy, creative and guaranteed to be a lot of fun. Hip-hop is an excellent choice of a dance class style for children and teenagers since it will channel their energy and let them dance to music that is popular in the youth culture. We use many different kinds of music in the class including hip-hop, house, club and R&B. All music utilized in both our Ardmore and Springfield dance locations is age appropriate and family friendly. Since hip-hop dance is about self-expression and developing personal style, you will have an opportunity to express yourself through improvisation and the creation of your own choreography.

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Hip Hop Classes in Ardmore 19003

About the Hip-Hop StyleHip Hop Classes Main Line and Delaware County

Hip-Hop is a style of dance originally developed as part of hip-hop culture and originated in the form of street dancing in the 1970s-80s. It incorporates a wide variety of urban dance styles that include breaking, popping, locking and various funk styles. Another distinguishing factor of hip-hop dance is that it can often incorporate improvisation which is called “free-styling.” In the 1990s, the dance industry developed a new style of hip-hop dance that is often referred to as the “new style.” This is the style of dance that you may see in music videos from artists such as Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson or Beyoncé.

Hip-Hop Classes in Wynnewood (Ages 6-10)

This class is for dancers between the ages of six and ten that have no previous experience with hip-hop. It is an introduction to ageHip Hop Classes in Lower Merion 19066 appropriate hip hop dance and concentrates on the foundation of hip-hop, its basic movements, rules, terminology, choreography and culture.

Hip-Hop Classes in Wynnewood (Ages 11-16)

This is a hip-hop class for teens and more experienced dancers. The class will still focus on basic movements, terminology and choreography, but lends itself to the creation of your own choreography. Additionally, we will work with you on the improvisational aspects of hip-hop. All of our hip-hop classes incorporate stretching, isolations, footwork, body conditioning (to improve strength and flexibility), and across the floor exercises. Some movements that students may learn in our hip-hop program include chugs, back ball changes, isolations, grapevine, donkey kick, windmill, and pop and lock.

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Ardmore Location (610-658-5284)Hip Hop Classes in Springfield 19064

692 Pont Reading Road
Ardmore, PA 19003
(down the street from Chestnutwold Elementary School)

This location is in Ardmore, but is also convenient to Bala Cynwyd, Broomall, Bryn Mawr, Gladwyne, Havertown,
Lower Merion, Narberth (Penn Valley) and Wynnewood.

Springfield Location (610-658-5284)

353 Baltimore Pike (2nd floor)
Springfield, PA 19064
(next to Chuck. E Cheese)

This location is in Springfield, but it is also convenient to Drexel Hill,
Media, Lansdowne, Secane and Swarthmore.