Good Practices for In Home Music Lessons

In-home music lessons can be a wonderful thing for families. You are in the comfort of own home in a familiar surrounding, and able to use all your own instruments and equipment for the lesson.  It is convenient to not have to deal with traffic and parking or finding childcare.  In-home music lessons are perfect for families with a very busy schedule and/or young children in the household and also tend to create a closer bond between the teacher, parent and student.  Your home is naturally nurturing, and the teacher starts to feel like a family member after a while.  Also, lessons in the home can inspire siblings, friends or even parents to decide to sign up for music lessons.  However, with an in-home lesson, the environment must be chosen and set up carefully, and it is easy to fall into bad habits due to the relaxed nature of being in your own home.  Below are a few tips and practices for parents of in-home students to help create a focused and productive learning environment.