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Drum and Percussion Program


The drum kit is the most popular instrument taught in the Main Line Music School’sin home drum and percussion program (although other kinds of percussion are also taught). The drum kit generally consists of a bass drum and hi-hat cymbal that are played by a foot pedal, plus a snare drum, floor tom and two hanging toms along with a crash cymbal that is played with sticks or mallets. There are also electronic drum kits that can be played in the same manner. The drum kit is a versatile instrument, and is utilized in rock, jazz, blues, latin, country, pop, R&B as well as many other styles of music. Drummers use notation called percussion notation, which resembles traditional sheet music but is written for non-pitched percussion. There is a loosely standardized form to represent the drum kit in musical notation.The great thing about starting drum lessons is that it is not necessary to purchase a drum kit right away. Home practice can be done on an inexpensive practice pad until the interest level of the student is determined. You can find more information about purchasing a drum kit here.

Benefits of Drum Lessons

The study of in home drum lessons on the Main Line, Delaware and Montgomery Counties has recently become more popular with a younger demographic. It is a high energy pursuit that builds physical strength,body awareness, muscle memory, grace and coordination in movement. It is a wonderful choice for children and teenagers with energy to spare, or students who are seeking a physical activity but may not be interested in sports. Learning drums can benefit students academically by improving listening skills and increasing the ability to focus for longer periods of time.

Teachers and Philosophy

Extraordinary teachers embody the core of the Main Line Music and Dance drum and percussion program. All of the drum teachers in the Main Line Music studio hold college degrees in music education, performance or composition from accredited universities. They also have experience performing in a variety of genres. They have knowledge of other instruments and aspects of music theory and present a well-rounded approach that can accommodate the learning styles of a variety of students. Whether the students are playing in their high school jazz band, learning to drum to recordings of their favorite songs,or looking to form or join a rock band, the drum teachers at Main Line Music and Dance are able to offer exceptional guidance. For the in home drum program at Main Line Music and Dance, students will have the opportunity to choose the music that they would like to play. They will also be exposed to different styles of music to expand their knowledge and repertoire. They will learn the basics such ashow to hold their sticks and tune the kit and will be taught to count time, read musical notation for percussion, play by ear and transcribe songs. They will have the opportunity to improvise beats and fills, and learn the process of playing entire songs. The teachers at Main Line will also work on what is known as drum set coordination or limb independence, which is the ability to coordinate arms and legs to function together.Most importantly, they will have fun, meet other musicians and develop a love of music and drumming that will last a lifetime.

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