New at Main Line School – Makin’ Music Rockin’ Rhythms

mmlogoResearch has shown that being exposed to music at a young age can help with the development of verbal, math, and motor skills, as well as inspire creativity, build social skills and promote emotional development. The earlier children are exposed to music, the easier it will be for them to learn to learn and express themselves through music as they grow older, and it will foster a love of music that will last throughout their entire lifetime. For these reasons, Main Line School of Music and Dance has decided to partner with Makin’ Music Rockin’ Rhythms, a program that provides an entry into musical education for children not yet ready for private music lessons.

The Makin’ Music Rockin’ Rhythms program provides a playful and interactive classroom environment for children (from newborns to age 5) with activities designed to keep students actively engaged. Students will have the opportunity to sing and chant along with live and recorded music. An assortment of musical instruments, such as hand drums, rhythm sticks, and shaker eggs are distributed in class for the students to play along.

Movement activities and dance are also incorporated to enhance the experience, as well as the use of other exciting props such as hoops, twirling umbrellas, or scarves. Makin’ Music teachers are educated in music and experienced working with children. The program also offers a variety of recorded music to be played in class. The CD’s are recorded and produced in-house with the aim of exposing students to a range of genres including folk, rock, jazz, country and world music. The CD’s feature traditional children’s songs, as well as original material, and can be purchased so children can listen and practice what they’ve learned at home.

Makin’ Music Rockin’ Rhythms is a family-friendly environment and parents are invited into the classroom to share in the experience. In this way, children of all ages are allowed to participate. The family setting encourages siblings of different ages to attend class together and also has the benefit of starting a family tradition of listening to and creating music together. The teachers individualize each session to meet the needs of the students, and work with parents to create a safe environment for children to express their own personal creativity.

Makin’ Music has 16 locations and has won 11 National Awards, including Nickelodeon’s Parents’ Pick Award for Best Music Classes, Main Line Today’s Best of the Main Line and Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly awards. Main Line School of Music and Dance is honored to be a part of its programming and excited to be able to offer this to our students in the Main Line and Delaware County areas.

For more information about Makin’ Music Rockin’ Rhythms program, please visit the Makin’ Music Website.

For class schedules, pricing and information about the Main Line Makin’ Music program, please visit Main Line Makin’ Music Program.