Courtney earned a B.M. in music education from Berklee College of Music. At Berklee, Courtney graduated near the top of her class, earned a Berklee Achievement-Based Scholarship, and played in many student ensembles (including as an original member of Berklee’s Contemporary Wind Orchestra), film scores and a Led Zeppelin tribute band. Courtney also has a wide range of music teaching experience. In 2008, Courtney taught general music and choir at a middle school in Randolph, MA. Courtney created an innovative program where every student who took general music learned how to play the guitar, and many area newspapers wrote features on her creative teaching methods. Courtney helped the choir perform at many regional competitions successfully and directed the school’s musical..  She is a current member of the Lansdowne Symphony.

Courtney’s teaching strengths include her innovative approach to teaching and learning that she uses with each of her students.  Courtney’s versatility also comes through because she is capable of playing and teaching many different instruments. Courtney is certified to teach music in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Texas.