Joseph Arnold is a violinist and strings teacher with a wide background in many styles of music, composition, arranging, and music theory. As a teacher, he works well with people of all ages with a compassionate, fun, process-oriented approach. Joseph graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2006 with a B.A. in Jazz Studies, and is currently attending a teacher-training program at the Philadelphia School for the Alexander Technique, a method of learning how to do things with less tension. He plays in several area bands, has been on six national tours with various musical groups, and has extensive recording experience, including his first solo album “Discomedusae”.  Joseph has been playing violin for 22 years.

Joseph’s greatest strengths as a teacher are his kind and patient approach, the unique insights gained into the way our body and mind works through his Alexander Technique training, and a deep appreciation for the process of learning.