Three Inspiring Local Music Charities

In Philadelphia, many children live below the federal poverty line, and the arts program has been cut in some Philadelphia schools due to lack of funding. Below is a list of three local music-based charitable organizations that have made real differences in the local and national communities. Two of these organizations provide children with the resources they need to be able to learn and play musical instruments. The third organization is a demonstration of the healing power of music and an opportunity for musicians to make a positive change in the lives of people who have been affected by illness.

Along with an overview of the mission and accomplishments of these organizations, information is provided on how you can get involved in making the world a richer and more musical place. Have a musical instrument or CD you’re not using any more? Donate it. Interested in a teaching, performing or volunteer opportunity? Get involved. Organizing an event? Partner up with one of these organizations to make it a benefit.


Play On, Philly

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