What Makes Main Line School Of Music And Dance Different?

Dance 17-2012Main Line School of Music and Dance offers professional lessons to students of all ages. Find out what sets Main Line apart from all the rest!
•Atmosphere – Main Line School of Music and Dance has a comfortable environment that is recognized immediately when you walk in. Families and children of all ages are welcome. Main Line offers candy and water for students, and magazines and children’s activity books to pass the time for family members who are waiting. A friendly greeting is always given from the front desk staff in the Ardmore location. Families of Main Line School students often comment on the welcoming and friendly atmosphere they are greeted with when they walk in the door.
•Programming– Main Line is one of the only schools in the area to offer private music lessons and group dance classes at 2 separate locations, as well as in-home music lessons. This way, the skilled teachers at Main Line have the opportunity to work with the interests and scheduling needs of any family.
•Customer Service – Whether on the phone or in person, the front desk staff at Main Line Music and Dance works extremely hard to give you the best customer service possible and assist you with your scheduling needs and other requests you may have. Unlike larger music and dance schools, at Main Line, every student and their family are special, and treated as such.
•Teaching Staff – The teaching staff at Main Line School of Music and Dance are known as some of the best in the area. Main Line music teachers are knowledgeable, flexible, and experienced, with warm personalities that put students and parents at ease. Teachers communicate with their students to find out what will keep their interest, and seek the best style of learning for each particular student. Main Line music teachers are also trained to communicate with parents to keep them up to date on what the student is working on and to discover what parents are seeking for their children to gain from taking lessons. Main Line Dance teachers are known for their skill in working with youth, and keep lessons fun while ensuring that students continue to grow.
•Progress Reports– Students at Main Line School of Music and Dance are given personalized progress reports each year that share what they have accomplished and are currently working on, as well as any suggestions a teacher has for future study. In addition to these progress reports, Main Line Dance students also receive a bi-monthly class synopsis to keep families up to date about what each class is currently working on.
•Fun and Inclusive Recitals – Recitals at Main Line School of Music and Dance are always open and fun, and participation is never a requirement. There is no dress code for the music recitals, allowing music students to share their unique and diverse styles. Performers wear everything from 3-piece suits and fancy dresses to jeans and t-shirts. There is a laid back and relaxed atmosphere at Main Line music recitals that encourages students to perform without stress. The dance recitals are inclusive of all classes, and the focus is on enjoying the experience from beginning to end while building onstage confidence performing on a professional stage.
•Dance School – Main Line School of Dance is one of the only dance schools in the area to offer small class sizes. Our classes are capped at 8 students for the pre-school age, and 12 students for the older students. This ensures that each student receives plenty of attention from the teacher. Main Line School of Dance also offers a fun and welcoming waiting room atmosphere. Both Main Line locations offer closed-circuit TV to view classes from the waiting room, a professional “floating floor” that reduces stress to knees and joints, and a vinyl composite “Marley” floor surface layer that reduces the risk of slips and falls.
•Small Business– Small businesses are becoming a thing of the past, even in the field of arts education. Because Main Line Music and Dance is a small neighborhood business, it has a strong focus on customer service, high standards, and a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere.
Stop in to Main Line School of Music and Dance today and see for yourself what makes us so special.